Friday, May 3, 2013

A little pulled pork and yarn

Wow - I am not the greatest at this as you can tell.  I think it has been more then a month since I have written last but here I am back again....better then my diary as a kid ;)  So last time I blogged I mentioned that I was going to blog about some tasty pulled pork sandwiches that my cousin made us.  Well let's just say Curtis and I got spoiled that night.  My "little" cousin Justin invited Curtis and I over for supper on a Monday night.  He prepared that day to have us enjoy the flavourful tastes of Pulled Pork Sandwiches.  I have to say I was IMPRESSED!

He took the entire day to cook the pork in the slow cooker and had it soaked in his special sauce mixture.  He also added some tasty cheese to make it the perfect flavour.  Great job Justin!  We loved it!

Winston also enjoyed the evening meeting a new doggie friend and hanging out with us!

Also, last time I mentioned a project that I have been working on for quite some time.  I guess that is probably an under-statement as it has been since Christmas. lol.  My Grandmother had asked me if I would be interested in knitting the front of a throw cushion cover for a friend of hers and she would knit the back.  The pattern was definitely a lot more complicated then what I would normally knit but looked like a good challenge.  Here is the pic of the pattern that I received.

Well I soon began this project and although it is beautiful, I soon realized the amount of time it took me to make this cover.  I took a day a while back and went to Second Cup to just sit back and knit and here is where I finished off that day.

I was so proud of myself but time was running rather short on myself and well....I probably should have done loads more months ago but of course, my last minute self just couldn't resist the procrastination. lol.  Now last week I realized that I only had the week to finish off the front so with A LOT of work, I finally finished it on Monday night.  I have to say, there may be a couple of mistakes on here, but I am so proud of the work I finished.  This has definitely brought me up to another level in the knitting world.

Because I seriously have the best grandmother ever she had volunteered to darn in the ends of the pillow cover and sew it all together and I got the chance to see it all together before we gave it to the person who wanted us to knit it.  Between Grammy and I, I would say this was a pretty successful project.

 This was the final front portion.

And here is the back of it. 
I think we managed to make this cover look pretty sharp and now I just need to make one for myself. lol......maybe in a year or two that is :)

So now that I am done knitting the cover of the pillow, I need to make a little adjustment on the bag that I made for another friend of mine that just had a baby and then I can craft to my hearts delight :)

PS - If you would like to get this pattern, it is free online here:

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  1. love the pillow! let me know next time you go to knit and sit at a coffee shop, i'll drop by! haha!